We Now Have Our Own Website- But Why??


When I started Reverie, I had know idea that it would have any sort of success. Seriously. But since then, Reverie Library has been doing much better than I expected, and that made me realize that it was time to move on to something bigger and better than etsy.

I went into this really wanting to be transparent and honest with my customers, and because of this, I can't in good conscious continue running my business through Etsy. In short, I felt like etsy just wasn't good enough. Not for Reverie, and certainly not for my customers.  

So why did I decide to start my own website?

1) Lower Fees

I won't lie, this was probably the biggest reason for the switch. Etsy takes a huge cut of money, which effects a lot of things. It meant I needed to spend more time working on other projects to fund Reverie, and ultimately had to spend less on it. It also meant that I didn't have a ton of room for discounts, sales, giveaways, or rewards- which was kind of sucky. Shopify decreases some of these, which is good for me and for you guys!

2) More Creative Room

Let's be real y'all - Etsy is an amazing interface, but it can look a little... blah. As someone who's kind of obsessed with aesthetics, the look of Etsy was getting me down. On this site, I can make something beautiful. I can make a fun and exciting experience for you guys, while boosting efficiency. 

3) Space For Growth

When I do things- I like to go all out. And for me, making a website was the natural next step. This gives room for all sorts of stuff - now and in the future. It lets me connect with my customers on a more intimate level. It allows me to see whats working, and what isn't, and it even gives me a place to write fun little blurbs like this!

So here's to the future my friends! I can't wait to see what else is on its way. 


Featured photo by Melissa from @withabookinhand