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This is Reverie Library.

We're here for the people who believe in the power and beauty of words. For those who spend hours pouring over pictures of beautiful book spines. Those who luxuriate in the beauty of a simple story. For those who live for simplicity and aesthetics.

We're here for the dreamer in everyone.

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Every single one smells incredible! I've had them for one day and already started burning one of them. The packaging was beautifully done and everything arrived perfectly intact. Already planning my next order!

Tara Hanson

These candles smell absolutely incredible, just like I hoped they would. But it was the thank you note that threw me off. What a sweetheart! Will definitely be buying more. And quite probably in large quantities.


I love this candle -- the scent is amazing, the jar and label are super cute, and I LOVED the packaging! It comes wrapped in brown paper with a wax seal! I almost didn't want to open it.

Lisa Jordan

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